Communal Conflict between Singhalese (me) & Tamil (my husband) began in the early 70's. We emigrated to the USA.

Sri Lanka

A island shaped like a tear drop below the vast Indian Subcontinent, Taprobane to the Greeks, Serendip to the Arabs & Lanka to the ancient Indians.

Buddhist Heritage

Going back to over two thousand five hundred years of recorded history. Center of Mahayana Buddhism.


I entered the University Of Cambridge In 1962 & obtained a Doctorate in Economics in 1965.

Newnham College

Newnham College: Many colleges make up University of Cambridge; one of two universities in the world to be so structured, Oxford and Cambridge

My Town

No town evokes as pleasant or such joyful memories, no time since more attractive than those years spent in Kandy & no other place on earth has associations that are so sweet.


The name "Kandy" is a British derivative of three Sinhalese words, Kanda Uda Rata, translation "City on the mountain".

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